Hawaii Moving

Moving to Hawaii can be a wonderful life change, but not so easy a task. First, deciding what to bring and what not to bring can be a stressful process and decision. If you think your move to Hawaii or Honolulu could be temporary, you might be better off storing your personals in your home town, and then after 6 months or a year if you think paradise is still the place for you, ship them out! You might find that the wonderful lifesyle change of Hawaii will change what's important to you. Investigate where you will be living and what you need to fill your new home before simply packing your entire house and coming over. Daily items such as pots, pans and breakables like dishes can be easily be replaced once you move here, and probably need to be changed to reflect your new island home.

Shipping Cars to Hawaii

Shipping a car from the mainland to the Hawaiian Islands can be arranged by several different shipping companies, a few of them linked below. The cost of shipment is around $1,000 per standard vehicle. This rate does not apply to any vehicle exceeding 21'8" L x 8' W x 7' H, or vehicles which have built-in accommodations for cooking or sleeping.

Almost 90% of the food, groceries and daily living items are imported to Hawaii, so naturally they can cost slightly higher than your mainland stores. However, large box stores such as Costco and Sams do exist in Honolulu to help ease these costs. Tourist areas such as Waikiki and Maui have a higher price on household goods then other areas.

Bringing your pet to Hawaii is also another thing to consider, you can apply for the 5 day or less program to prevent your loved one from having to spend 120 days in quarantine, but make sure to do all of the required paperwork, make copies of everything and withing the specific time frames. All of these questions and forms can be found at the Hawaii Department of Agriculture Animal Quarantine website.

All in all, your move to the Islands of Hawaii should be a wonderful process in your life. Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions.


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